Fakespace Music

Soundscapes Entertainment Project

Music Driven Virtual Reality

Siggraph 95 - Los Angles Convention Center

Virtual Reality promises the most exciting creative break-through since the invention of motion pictures. But is anybody actually using these tools for aesthetics and personal expression?

Fakespace Music answered "Yes!" to this question with the Soundscapes Entertainment Project, which premiered at Siggraph 95 in the Interactive Entertainment Hall.

We demonstrated two new technologies with exciting commercial and artistic potential. The Soundsculpt Toolkit links the worlds of music and virtual reality to create experiences unlike any other. Third Dimension Video adds depth to traditional video imagery using innovative stereoscopic video techniques.

The Soundsculpt Toolkit extracts cues from recorded music to create geometry and control object behaviors within a virtual world. Virtual objects respond in sync with the music, creating a rich, multi-sensory experience. These tools allow directors and designers to develop visually active, immersive environments that merge three-dimensional models with sound. Using Soundsculpt, which is based on SGI Performer, we created a world called "Vacuii". This piece was presented at the exhibit using a Fakespace BOOM 3C hi-resolution stereoscopic viewer with an SGI Onyx Reality Engine 2.

Third Dimension Video uses stereo cameras and recording techniques to add depth to the traditional music video, offering directors the power of total immersion. Designed to be easily integrated with interactive experiences, "N.Y. Dance" and "Phlor-X" were presented in stereoscopic Immersive Entertainment Kiosks, which are ideal for public venues such as entertainment centers or record stores.


Christian Greuel
Niko Bolas


Mark T. Bolas, Producer, Fakespace, Inc.
Niko Bolas, Producer, Fakespace Music
Christian Greuel, Visual Design, Fakespace Music
Ian McDowall, Software Design, Fakespace, Inc.
Wyatt Smith, Video Production, Sony Music Studios, NY


Soundsculpt Toolkit, Fakespace Music
Video Production Facilities, Sony Music Studios, NY
Video Delivery System, Sony Corp., NY
Audio Hardware, Westwood Music, LA
BOOM 3C, Fakespace, Inc.
Immersive Stereo Viewers, Fakespace, Inc.
Onyx Reality Engine 2, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Performer, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
MultiGen, MultiGen, Inc.



MUSIC: Praxis, "Transmutation", Axiom/Island Records, produced by Bill Laswell

"N.Y. Dance"

DANCERS: Niahal "Flipper" Hope, Anastasia Athos
MUSIC: Heavy Metal Classics, "Prince Igor", Angel Records


DANCER: Candace Bailey
MUSIC: Morphine, "Honey White", Rykodiscs Records

CHOREOGRAPHY: Diane Bidermann
WARDROBE: Jill M. Davis
LIGHTING: Jocelyn Smith
GRIP: Leffert Carol

Thanks to Sony Music Studios, NY and to Westwood Music, LA
Additional Support: David Eggleston, Les Hsu, Eric Lorimer, Russell Mead, Jim Stringer, Susan Tabrizi

Look to Fakespace Music for "Surreality". The future of immersive entertainment.

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