Fakespace Music

Group Profile

This project brings together these four individuals with unique talents in the arts and sciences:

Mark T. Bolas (Producer) is founder and president of Fakespace, Inc., a product design and development firm that specializes in practical and effective virtual environmental tools. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Currently he is a Stanford University lecturer in Product Design - a joint art and engineering design program. His work includes a 4-year affiliation with the VIEW Laboratory at NASA Ames, the development of the BOOM and Molly telepresence systems, and countless days wandering about virtual worlds of his creation.

Niko Bolas (Producer) is a producer for the music recording industry. He has worked with such diverse recording artists as Neil Young, Melissa Ethridge, Keith Richards and the Circle Jerks. He brings twenty years of music production experience to Fakespace Music.

Christian Greuel (Visual Design) develops simulated environments for the Virtual Reality industry. Recent projects includes the Sapporo Virtual Brewery Adventure, and MultiGenís SmartScene. His accomplishments include Virtual Reality, 3D animation, video production and theatrical sound design. His work has been exhibited across the country, as well as in Europe and Japan. He received his MFA in Performing Arts Design & Technology from the California Institute of the Arts. His undergraduate work was done at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ian E. McDowall (Software Design) is vice president at Fakespace, Inc., a start-up product design and engineering firm specializing in interactive and virtual technologies. He is responsible for new product development and software engineering. Previously, he was a contractor with Sterling Software for the NASA Ames VIEW project. In 1989, he was awarded a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Science.