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Digital Bayou at SIGGRAPH 96

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Music Driven Virtual Reality

Fakespace Music presents a completely new type of virtual reality experience. In our worlds, sound is the fuel used to drive a continuous stream of stereoscopic graphics, all in temporal harmony with the music. Itís like nothing ever seen before, a "music video" where the user is completely immersed and free to explore a world generated by music.

The Soundsculpt Toolkit, developed by Fakespace Music, uses MIDI and audio information to create geometry and control object behaviors within a virtual world. Virtual objects respond in sync with the music, creating a rich, multi-sensory experience.

After a resounding success at last yearís SIGGRAPH, Christian Greuel, a visual designer with Fakespace Music, created a new world entitled "Still Life". Yet this work is anything but "still". Visitors enter the virtual world in dark silence. The song begins with a lightning blast and they find themselves in front of a carefully arranged still life. One by one, the objects begin to dance around the space, each in concert with a specific musical instrument, producing the tightest choreography ever seen in a virtual environment. Driven by an original score by Aaron Ross, this eerie world is packed full of surprises and real-time special effects. "Still Life" is the latest release from Fakespace Music, created in part to demonstrate the versatility of the Soundsculpt Toolkit.

This dynamic piece is presented using a hi-resolution Fakespace PUSH Desktop Display with a Silicon Graphics Onyx Reality Engine2. The Soundsculpt Toolkit runs on any SGI capable of running Performer.


Mark T. Bolas, Producer
Niko Bolas, Producer
Christian Greuel, Visual Design and Choreography
Ian McDowall, Software Design
Aaron Ross, Music Composition and Choreography


Soundsculpt Toolkit, Fakespace Music
PUSH Desktop Display, Fakespace, Inc.
Onyx Reality Engine 2, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Performer, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
MultiGen, MultiGen, Inc.

Thanks to: Kimberly Brass, Faustin Bray, David Eggleston, Les Hsu, Linda Jacobson, Laura Kusumoto, Eric Lorimer, Jim Stringer, Susan Tabrizi and Jorge Valencia

Onyx Reality Engine and Performer are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc.; MultiGen is a trademark of MultiGen, Inc.; Fakespace Music, BOOM 3C, Soundscapes and Soundsculpt Toolkit are trademarks of Fakespace, Inc.